Why Lovin' the Lake Country?

For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against. But what if a church could be known by who it is for?


We love our area — Georgia’s Lake Country — with its four towns of Greensboro, Madison, Eatonton, and Milledgeville… its lakes, farms, shopping, recreation, communities, and schools.


We love living in the lake country. We love the people of the lake country! And we’re convinced that our Heavenly Father loves them, too!!


So, we are on a mission… a mission of illustrating for our neighbors that there is a God who truly loves them. That WE love them. That we are “Lovin’ the Lake Country.”

What Projects Are Underway?

Currently, we have three types of projects underway through which we are Lovin’ the Lake Country:

Sunday Services

Weekly Sunday services at Lake Oconee Church are the keystone of how we are Lovin the Lake Country… with engaging environments for babies, preschoolers, elementary kids, and students, together with great music and helpful content for college students and adults.

Non-profit Partnerships

We purposely partner with several local non-profits that are doing an extraordinary job of meeting needs within our community. We provide volunteers and resources that can be game-changing for them, and life-changing for those they serve.

Construction of Phase One

After being portable for nearly six years, we are constructing phase one of a building to serve as our staging ground for Lovin the Lake Country. This initial phase will be approximately 18,000 square feet, seat over 300, and have dedicated spaces for children, students, and adults.

How Can I Be A Part?

There are four easy ways that YOU can be a part of “Lovin’ the Lake Country”:


Stop by for one of our church services, designed to be helpful for you AND fun for your kids... 9am Sundays @ Parkside Main Theatre.


Join in on one of our #lovinthelakecountry events as we serve our community together.


Wear a LTLC tshirt around town; drive with a LTLC magnet on your car; use the hashtag #lovinthelakecountry to highlight your summer pics on social media.


Give a one-time or recurring gift toward the #lovinthelakecountry future facility.


Lovin’ the Lake Country is a initiative of Lake Oconee Church, a local North Point Partner meeting at Parkside Main Theatre at 9am each Sunday.